Media Criticism in Turbulent Times


Media Criticism in Turbulent Times: A Panel Discussion

April 25, 2018 (Wednesday) — 3:30-4:30pm — BMC 5.208

    Ludovic Bertron / CC BY 2.0 / Modified

What is the role of media criticism in our turbulent political times? How should we react to the messages and myths our movies, news, and politicians attempt to sell to us? Is being “critical” a bad word for democratic citizens? In this exciting Media Ethics Initiative event, a panel of distinguished communication scholars will discuss the role of criticism and critics in navigating all the media we experience in our technological democracy. Drawing upon their work in rhetoric, communication studies, and media studies, our panelists will consider the limits of criticism as well as its importance in tumultuous times such as our present. Confirmed participants include:

Dr. Rod Hart / Communication Studies

Dr. Trish Roberts-Miller / Rhetoric & Writing

Dr. Barry Brummett / Communication Studies

Dr. Michael Butterworth / Communication Studies

Moderated by Dr. Scott Stroud / Communication Studies

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