Quick Tips


Quick Tips break down the findings of our research into simple, actionable items that journalists and newsrooms can apply to their work. To read more on the studies that informed these suggestions, please visit our research page.


5 Ways to Build Trust Using Story Structure

Download Using.Story.Structure.to.Build.Trust

5 Ways to Connect with Local Communities

Download 5.Ways.to.Connect.with.Local.Communities (1)

5 Guidelines for Solidarity Reporting

Download 5 Steps of Solidarity Reporting

6 Ways to Fix News Distrust with Black Americans

Download 6.Ways.to.Fix.News.Distrust.with.Black.Americans

5 Ways to Improve Your Comment Section

Download 5.Ways.to.Improve.Your.Comment.Section

5 Reasons to Add Quizzes to Your Stories

Download 5.Reasons.to.Add.Quizzes.to.Your.Stories (1)