About Us

The Center for Media Engagement envisions a vibrant American news media that more effectively empowers the public to understand, appreciate, and participate in the democratic exchange of ideas.

We work to accomplish this goal by testing web-based strategies for informing audiences, promoting substantive discourse, and helping citizens to understand diverse views. At the same time, we help newsrooms achieve their business goal by analyzing outcomes, such as clicks and time on page. Systematic testing provides valuable information about what works — and what doesn’t. And by advancing both journalistic and business goals, the research is designed with contemporary newsrooms in mind.

In a new approach to tackling societal divides, the Center for Media Engagement is launching the method of connective democracy. Connective democracy unites newsrooms, scholars, platforms, and public policy entities in a methodical approach toward bridging gaps in our society. The center will spend the next several years working on a vision to promote connective democracy.

The Center for Media Engagement provides research on news engagement, comment sections, site tools, and a variety of media-focused topics. The center has also recently expanded to include research in the fields of media ethics and science communication.

The Center for Media Engagement is part of the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin.


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