Civic Signals Initiative

Discussions of digital space often focus on eliminating troubling content or improving the user-friendliness of the design. We’re proposing that digital spaces, like the physical spaces we inhabit, should use public-friendly design.

This idea underpins Civic Signals, a collaboration between the Center for Media Engagement and Eli Pariser of New America and presently the National Conference on Citizenship. Based on research conducted over the past year, Civic Signals is an initiative that uses insights from urban planning and a host of other academic disciplines to think about how to create public-friendly digital spaces.

Throughout 2020, the Center for Media Engagement will share the full results of our research and the findings from other projects coinciding with this work. Civic Signals will also host a spring event that brings together urban planners, technologists, designers, and community leaders to share their expertise and help us envision a way to create better digital spaces.

We invite you to learn more about Civic Signals by visiting our website. To view our ongoing research on Civic Signals, please visit the research page.