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Columbia Journalism Review

Meta Is Getting Rid of CrowdTangle—and Its Replacement Isn’t as Transparent or Accessible July 9, 2024
TIME Midway Through the Ultimate Election Year: How the World Has Voted So Far July 1, 2024
PolitiFact “‘Cheap fake’ videos, and the phrase itself, take 2024 election’s center stage June 21, 2024
The Associated Press AI experimentation is high risk, high reward for low-profile political campaigns June 17, 2024
Columbia Journalism Review La Periodista de Iowa June 10, 2024
POLITICO When generative AI gets political June 6, 2024
Tech Policy Press How Are Political Campaigners in the US Using Generative AI? June 6, 2024
Documented He Found the American Dream on China’s TikTok, the Reality Was More Complicated May 31, 2024
The Markup The Inside Story of the YouTube Influencer Who Peddles Misinformation to Vietnamese Communities May 22, 2024
Reuters Trump trial tests his campaign strategy of embracing bad publicity April 29, 2024
BOOM The Alt Right Embraced Pepe The Frog, Now The BJP Is Using It April 22, 2024
The New York Times Truth Social Has an Edge as Rival Right-Wing Apps Falter April 18, 2024
WIRED Donald Trump Is ‘Seriously Considering’ Jake Paul’s Fight Invite”  April 18, 2024
NBC DFW Texas legislature explores rules for artificial intelligence April 9, 2024
Nikkei In the AI ​​era, 2 trillion yen driven by political advertising April 7, 2024
The Associated Press Anonymous users are dominating right-wing discussions online. They also spread false information April 6, 2024
The Hill Trump’s Truth Social posts give him a megaphone and Dems an opening April 1, 2024
NiemanLab How Latinos became a key target for misinformation in the U.S. election March 27, 2024
Fast Company Donald Trump’s use of Truth Social is harming his ability to reach voters, research shows March 26, 2024
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism AI, lies and conspiracy theories: How Latinos became a key target for misinformation in the US election March 25, 2024
CNN Truth Social made Trump richer and gave him a new megaphone. But it’s struggling as a social media site March 23, 2024
Financial Times Reddit cashes out in a stellar IPO — but can it grow up? March 21, 2024
Reuters US ban of TikTok would rob Biden, Democrats of 2024 election tool March 15, 2024
Financial Times Telegram: social media giant or the new ‘dark web’? March 12, 2024
Bloomberg Primaries Show Candidates Can Win on TikTok But Lose at the Polls March 12, 2024
The Associated Press For social platforms, the outage was short. But people’s stories vanished, and that’s no small thing March 7, 2024
BOOM Shadow Network Of Pro-BJP Pages Spend Over ₹2 Cr On Meta Ads Since November March 6, 2024
Politiken The American left has found a new weapon in social media March 4, 2024
WIRED Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Microsoft-Powered Chatbot Just Disappeared March 3, 2024
Reuters Democrats bungle Biden age concerns, some critics say February 13, 2024
The 21st Show: Illinois Public Media Is our democracy prepared for artifical intelligence? February 12, 2024
The Dallas Morning News Russian disinformation operations seize on border battle, talk of Texas secession February 8, 2024
WIRED Why RFK Jr. Is Suddenly Everywhere Online February 7, 2024
KXAN How AI could impact misinformation in elections February 4, 2024
IIM Bangalore Building Bonds amid Polarized Rhetoric: Interventions addressing Nationalism, and Cultural Identity February 1, 2024
The Daily Beast Think Deepfakes Are Bad? ‘Cheapfakes’ Are Far More Dangerous January 17, 2024
The Nation Can the EU’s Digital Services Act Inspire US Tech Regulation? January 12, 2024
1A Listener Picks: What dangers do social media bots pose to democracy? January 9, 2024
Tech Policy Press Pro-Abortion, Anti-Abortion Activists Have One Thing in Common: Suspicion of Tech Platforms January 9, 2024
La Fabrique Sociale How misinformation overwhelms us December 21, 2023


How much do political campaigns know about you? Way more than you might think. December 20, 2023
Bloomberg Disinformation Researchers Adjust to Restrictions From Platforms December 7, 2023
The Washington Post Big Tech funds the very people who are supposed to hold it accountable December 6, 2023
ARD TikTok and Bin Laden’s letter November 18, 2023
Reuters Exclusive: Elon Musk’s X restructuring curtails disinformation research, spurs legal fears November 6, 2023
The Quint How Disinformation Could Impact Diaspora Voter Behaviour in 2024 US Elections” September 28, 2023
Texas Monthly My Brief Career as a Paid Pro-Paxton Propagandist September 8, 2023
The Associated Press Canada wildfire evacuees can’t get news media on Facebook and Instagram. Some find workarounds. August 18, 2023
The Daily Texan UT researchers find encrypted messaging apps can benefit authoritarian propaganda August 7, 2023
Associated Press Election disinformation campaigns targeted voters of color in 2020. Experts expect 2024 to be worse. July 28, 2023
Columbia Journalism Review An election in Cambodia exposes Facebook’s shortcomings (again) July 27, 2023
V Interesting with V Spehar Propaganda & Social Media Politics with Sam Woolley, Prenatal Plus, Fieri Fallout July 14, 2023
PEN America Building Resilience: Identifying Community Solutions to Targeted Disinformation July 6, 2023


She helped kill Roe v Wade – now she wants to end abortion in America June 24, 2023

Дежурный по Нью-Йорку

First in the US: why the state of Montana banned TikTok and whether they can expand the restrictions to the whole country May 18, 2023
The Associated Press Twitter is purging inactive accounts including people who have died, angering those still grieving May 17, 2023
The New York Times ‘Ron DeSoros’? Conspiracy Theorists Target Trump’s Rival. May 5, 2023
CNN Elon Musk’s Twitter begins purge of blue check marks April 20, 2023
The AI Edge AI’s Dark Side of Deception April 20, 2023
ABC News Bots are already meddling in the 2024 presidential election April 13, 2023
Milwaukee Independent Thousands Of Automated Twitter Bots Found Offering Fake Praise For Trump While Attacking Political Rivals April 3, 2023
Democracy Paradox Samuel Woolley on Bots, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Propaganda”  March 28, 2023
Grid Why Tucker Carlson still promotes Jan. 6 Capitol attack lies — and sympathetic audiences believe them March 7, 2023
Associated Press Thousands of pro-Trump bots are attacking DeSantis, Haley” March 6, 2023
Centre for International Governance Innovation  “The Consequences of War: Ukraine, One Year Later” February 24, 2023
The Guardian  “The web is a Blade Runner nightmare, but there is a way to stem the tide of lies February 17, 2023
Wall Street Journal TikTok’s Secret Sauce Poses Challenge for U.S. Oversight, Researchers Say” February 8, 2023
Tech Policy Press Samuel Woolley on Manufacturing Consensus: Understanding Propaganda in the Age of Automation and Anonymity January 31, 2023
Bloomberg Trump Back on Facebook Restores Potent Weapon at Crucial Time January 25, 2023
USA Today Why are universities banning TikTok? Campuses are limiting use on school devices and Wi-Fi” January 19, 2023
DeFacto Observatoire Midterms: less influential, but still “ambitious” disinformation” January 3, 2023
The Independent QAnon, white nationalists and hate speech: Experts reveal how the floodgates opened on Elon Musk’s Twitter” December 1, 2022
Tjekdet Follow the rabbit’: Elon Musk activates QAnon followers with cryptic tweet and accusations of pedophilia” December 21, 2022
PolitiFact Texas organizers battle misinformation on encrypted messaging apps” November 23, 2022
The Washington Post Lawmakers want to know Musk’s plan to fight misinformation in Spanish” November 23, 2o22

Columbia Journalism Review

Revealed: Just one in four Trump-endorsed candidates using Truth Social actively November 18, 2022

Centre for International Governance Innovation

As Elon Musk Upends Twitter, Whither the Digital Town Square?”  November 10, 2022

The Markup

How Political Campaigns Use Your Phone’s Location to Target You November 8, 2022


Disinformation is a midterm elections threat that could keep millions of voters at home, analysts say November 4, 2022


Elon Musk wants Twitter users to pay to be verified. It could create a new set of headaches for the company November 3, 2022

CBS News

Democrats extend quest for Spanish-speaking voters to radio airwaves November 3, 2022


Austin researchers: Why Spanish misinformation is tougher to fight November 3, 2022

The Hopkins Press Podcast

Samuel Woolley on how online manipulation is evolving November 2, 2022

The Washington Post

As midterms loom, TikTok faces its next political test November 1, 2022
Truth Social’s Influence Grows Despite Its Business Problems November 1, 2022

The Associated Press

BBC tries to understand politics by creating fake Americans November 1, 2022
Houston Chronicle WhatsApp, WeChat spread misinformation in Asian communities October 31, 2022
Arizona Republic In Kari Lake’s campaign for governor, misinformation and deception remain hallmarks October 30, 2022
KVUE Elon Musk takes control of Twitter, considering big changes October 28, 2022
The New York Times Campaign Press Aides Move From the Shadows to Star on Social Media October 26, 2022
The Sunday Show: Tech Policy Press Podcast: Elections, Misinformation, and Political Discourse in U.S. Latino Communities October 25, 2022
Moody College of Communication Mis- and disinformation is rampant in election season. Here’s what Moody is doing to help. October 24, 2022
Austin American-Statesman As election approaches, Texas organizers battle misinformation on encrypted messaging apps October 24, 2022
The Dallas Morning News Misinformation will be rampant this election cycle. Here’s what voters should look out for October 15, 2022
Houston Chronicle Rep. Castro warns of disinformation targeting Latino voters October 13, 2022
Cognitive Crucible Podcast: Sam Woolley on Journalism, Propaganda and Ethics October 11, 2022
Wired How A British Teen’s Death Changed Social Media October 5, 2022
Texas Public Radio Manufacturing consensus and the democratization of propaganda and disinformation October 2, 2022
The Independent Can Donald Trump keep his QAnon supporters under control? September 27, 2022
Vox Latino voters are being flooded with even more misinformation in 2022”  September 20, 2022
Straight Arrow News  Influencers paid to promote political platforms despite TikTok ban September 15, 2022
DW Fact check: No Putin tattoo sessions in German hospice September 15, 2022
CNN Business Here’s how Elon Musk calculated the number of bots on Twitter September 12, 2022
Bloomberg Truth Social Has a Content Moderation Problem August 24, 2022
USA TODAY FBI at Mar-a-Lago, Inflation Reduction Act are hot topics for congressional campaigns August 12, 2022
Poynter Factually: In Georgia, fact-checkers have become targets of the ruling party August 4, 2022
INC Do You Have Fake Followers? 4 Tools to Analyze Your Twitter Account August 2, 2022
Foreign Policy Russian Propaganda Is Targeting Aid Workers August 1, 2022
Poynter How Facebook Pages Exploit Russia’s War in Ukraine with False Videos July 29, 2022
The Control Variable with Kim Cutter Episode 001. Sam Woolley: On The Media & America’s Great Divide July 28, 2022
Newsy Experts: Social Platforms Are Unprepared For Election Misinformation July 20, 2022
International News Media Association Research: Clarity in coverage is essential for newsrooms during elections July 18, 2022
Bloomberg Elon Musk’s Tweets Echo Tactics Used to Great Effect by Donald Trump June 29, 2022
CNN Elon Musk pressured Twitter to give him access to a ‘firehose’ of data to evaluate bots. Now what? June 17, 2022
Grid Are Republicans and Fox News normalizing violence by ignoring the January 6 hearings? June 15, 2022

The New York Times

Deceptive Mailings, False Billboards: Voting Disinformation Is Not Just Online June 14, 2022
Slate “What Next: TBD, Bots! What Are They Good For?” June 10, 2022
The Guardian Twitter takeover temporarily on hold, says Elon Musk May 13, 2022
The Washington Post   “The ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ was never alive, Ukrainian air force says May 1, 2022
Time 4 Ways to Fix Social Media That Don’t Cost $44 Billion April 29, 2022
Missouri Independent U.S. House panel looks into disinformation targeted at communities of color April 28, 2022
Politico The GOP’s latest immigration weapon: The courts April 26, 2022
Grid What is Elon Musk doing with Twitter? 7 questions about the billionaire’s big buy”  April 25, 2022
Gizmodo TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook Are Letting Climate Denial Run Rampant: Report April 22, 2022
PolitiFact Ukraine war fuels surge of fake content impersonating BBC, CNN coverage April 22, 2022
The Atlantic How ‘Big Disinformation’ Can Overcome Its Skeptics April 21, 2022
Forbes How Encrypted Messaging Apps Have Become A Vital Tool For Surviving Warfare April 13, 2022
CIGI Will War Propel or Delay the Global Push to Reform Social Media? April 7, 2022
Associated Press  Russia aims Ukraine disinformation at Spanish speakers April 1, 2022
USA Today  Piercing the propaganda veil: US, Schwarzenegger, hackers give Russians uncensored view of Ukraine war March 23, 2022


  “How Ukrainian Civilians Are Using Phones to Share the Invasion With the World”  March 14, 2022
Texas Standard Truth versus propaganda in the coverage of Russia’s invasion March 11, 2022
NPR Here’s how Spanish-language misinformation will play a role in the 2022 midterms February 28, 2022
The Washington Post Zelensky’s past as an entertainer may have prepared him for his most crucial role”  February 28, 2022
KXAN Propaganda, fake videos of Ukraine invasion bombard users February 28, 2022
Grazia Why You Need To Think Carefully When You Post About Russia And Ukraine On Social Media February 28, 2022
Politifact ‘Cheap fakes’: Viral videos keep clipping Biden’s words out of context February 14, 2022
Wisconsin State Journal Why does Sen. Ron Johnson traffic in misinformation? February 5, 2022
PBS NewsHour How society should deal with misinformation on Spotify”  January 31, 2022
The Daily Beast Joe Rogan Is Mainstreaming Right-Wing Misinformation January 14, 2022
The Atlantic Owning the Libs Is the Only GOP Platform January 12, 2022
KRLD NewsRadio Texas GOP party tweet generates heat January 11, 2022
Texas Tribune Texas GOP’s voting meme shows how Trump-style messaging wins internet’s attention January 8, 2022
Latin Post Donald Trump’s New Social Media App Truth Social Will Be Launched in February, App Store Listing Shows January 6, 2022
KCBS Radio TikTok, law enforcement, researchers find no school shooting threats on platform December 18, 2021
Daily Dot Facebook shut down massive QAnon groups right before the 2020 election—did it swing the vote? October 28, 2021
BBC The Digital Human October 25, 2021
Last Week Tonight Misinformation: Last Week Tonight October 11, 2021
KVUE Outages on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp expose our reliance on social media October 4, 2021
KVUE Experts say the state’s anti-censorship law could do more harm than good October 3, 2021
The Daily Stoic Professor Jo Lukito on the Rise of Misinformation September 18, 2021
American Press Institute Need to Know: How politics, generation, news use, and time online play into attitudes about anonymity August 30, 2021
Daily Beast The Internet Isn’t Waiting for President Biden to Help Afghan Refugees August 20, 2021
Newsweek Cuba Becomes Battlefield in Fake News War July 22, 2021
New Humanist The rise of the truth industry June 28, 2021
Tech Monitor AI vs misinformation: Fighting lies with machines June 10, 2021
#WebPolicyTalk: Live at IMPRI Role of Technology in Social and Political Maneuvering June 8, 2021
Wired Rumble Sends Viewers Tumbling Toward Misinformation May 11, 2021
The Washington Post Facebook tried to outsource its decision about Trump. The Oversight Board said not so fast.” May 6, 2021
Quartz Facebook’s oversight board blew up in its face May 6, 2021
AFP   “Trump Ban Ruling Marks Defining Moment For Facebook Panel May 4, 2021
Newsy Donald Trump’s Return to Facebook Hinges on Oversight Board April 27, 2021
AFP Facebook oversight panel will now review takedown requests April 14, 2021
Here and There with Dave Marash Media manipulation for political gain”   March 9, 2021
Technology and Prose Sam Woolley on The Reality Game”   March 4, 2021
Kin + Carta Data vs Goliath Part 2: Has Technology Broken The Truth? February 9, 2021
Wired Joe Biden Has to Walk a Fine Line When Fighting Disinformation”    February 4, 2021
Pro Market False News Has a Long History—But Those In Power Failed To Heed It January 30, 2021
AFP Social media faces reckoning as Trump ban forces reset”  January 19, 2021
BBC 4 How has Trump’s talk of ‘fake news’ undermined US democracy?”  January 18, 2021
Texas Public Radio Are Social Media Bans A Double-Edged Sword? January 16, 2021
The Washington Post The Technology 202: It’s not just social media: Capitol violence spurs changes at Airbnb, GoFundMe and more January 14, 2021
CNBC Trump’s election lies were among his most popular tweets January 13, 2021
The Jeff Ward Show Jeff Ward w/ UT’s Katie Joseff: Social media + the angry American.” January 12, 2021
Financial Times Boom in private companies offering disinformation-for-hire January 12, 2021
Newsy Big Tech Moderation Crackdown Gives Parler, Gab A Surge of Users January 11, 2021
KVUE A closer look at the role social media played in the Capitol riot January 7, 2021
The Washington Post Vaccine hoaxes are rampant on social media. Here’s how to spot them. December 18, 2020
Sunday Extra with Julian Morrow One America News is now Donald Trump’s favourite cable network December 13, 2020
Texas Public Radio UT Professor Talks Propaganda, Election Interference December 6, 2020
Texas Public Radio Misinformation About 2020 Election Spread Via WhatsApp, Targeted Spanish-Speaking Voters November 22, 2020
Newsy Parler Downloads Surge As Conservatives Jump To ‘Free Speech’ App November 20, 2020
Civil Rights and Wrongs Civil Rights and Wrongs for November 17, 2020 November 17, 2020
The Jeff Ward Show Jeff Ward w/ UT’s Katie Joseff: Can social media companies curb misinformation?”   November 14, 2020
The Independent YouTube Videos That Falsely Claim Trump Won Election Are Allowed Because They ‘Discuss Election Results’, Site Says”   November 13, 2020
Quartz Trump is about to lose his special privileges on Twitter”  November 12, 2020
CQ Roll Call Election misinformation: Experts analyze Facebook and Twitter labels November 11, 2020
Newsy President Trump To Lose Twitter Protections After Leaving White House”  November 10, 2020
The Washington Post No social media is safe: How election misinformation spread on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Nextdoor November 7, 2020
The Associated Press Incendiary texts traced to outfit run by top Trump aide”  November 7, 2020
The Texas Tribune As states count votes, some of Texas’ most prominent Republican politicians are spreading misinformation about the election November 6, 2020
France 24 How to reunite the US? Tension, division among Americans awaiting result November 5, 2020
The Independent Youtube Will Not Remove Popular ‘Trump Won’ Video, Despite The Fact He Has Not November 5, 2020
Vice Spanish-Language QAnon Accounts Spread Pro-Trump Misinformation in Florida”  November 5, 2020
Bloomberg Government Uber, Lyft Push the Boundaries of Future Political Campaigning”  November 2, 2020
France 24 How will the vote go? Tension mounts ahead of U.S. presidential election November 2, 2020
KVUE UT researchers weigh in on disinformation being shared online during the election October 29, 2020
Vice Election Propaganda Texts Are Completely Out of Control”  October 29, 2020
NBC News Latino voters targeted by abortion misinformation campaigns October 29, 2020
MIT Technology Review Why political campaigns are sending 3 billion texts in this election October 28, 2020
Wired Big Tech’s Election Plans Have a Blind Spot: Influencers October 28, 2020
The New York Times Disinformation Moves From Social Networks to Texts October 28, 2020
The Wall Street Journal Apps Give Trump, Biden Campaigns Tools to Rally, Track Supporters October 24, 2020
Financial Times Inside the rise of the political micro-influencer  October 23, 2020
The New York Times False Political News in Spanish Pits Latino Voters Against Black Lives Matter October 21, 2020
Forbes Anti-Black Hate Flourished On Facebook And Telegram Amid George Floyd Protests, ADL Finds October 21, 2020
Financial Times TikTok battles to stay ‘apolitical’ ahead of US election”  October 21, 2020
The Washington Post Your guide to following the election on social media October 20, 2020
CNBC Trump and Biden are using campaign apps to gather mounds of voter data October 17, 2020
Newsy How Pres. Trump’s Social Media Helps Spread of False COVID Information October 15, 2020
The Straits Times Only way I can lose is if there’s ‘chicanery’ at polling places: Biden October 12, 2020
MSN Campaigns sidestep Cambridge Analytica crackdown with new methods October 11, 2020
The Independent Behind the scenes at OAN: The TV network where Trump is always right October 10, 2020
Time Cascade of Misinformation’: U.S. Adversaries Are Exploiting Trump’s Illness and the White House Isn’t Helping October 2, 2020
The Washington Post Trump’s coronavirus quarantine could mean more time for tweeting October 3, 2020
Recode Inside the Biden campaign’s surprising influencer strategy September 22, 2020
The New Yorker How the Trump Campaign’s Mobile App Is Collecting Huge Amounts of Voter Data September 13, 2020


How Donald Trump’s Misinformation Campaign Against Mail-in Voting Is Undermining Faith in Democracy September 10, 2020
MIT Technology Review Why Facebook’s political-ad ban is taking on the wrong problem September 6, 2020
Los Angeles Times A ‘war room’ that arms Black and Latino voters against disinformation August 6, 2020
Government vs The Robots Bot or Not? July 22, 2020
CBS News The Trump campaign app is tapping a “gold mine” of data about Americans July 16, 2020
Texas Public Radio Souring On Big Social Media, Trump Campaign Is Flirting With Alternatives”  June 26, 2020
Salon Trump’s 2020 election app harvests intimate user data, including location: report   June 24, 2020
Techworm Trump 2020 Campaign App Is More Like a Voter Surveillance Tool: Report   June 24, 2020
Newsweek Trump 2020 App is Scooping up Massive Amounts of Data, Cyber Experts Warn June 24, 2020 Trump 2020 app is collecting huge amounts of user data on voters  June 22, 2020
Business Insider Trump’s 2020 campaign app hoovers up way more user data than Biden’s, including contacts, location, and Bluetooth”  June 22, 2020
CNBC We don’t know how protests are being surveilled. Here’s why that’s a problem June 13, 2020

The Washington Post

Trump says Twitter is trying to ‘silence’ conservatives. His growing number of followers suggests otherwise May 28, 2020
Bloomberg Government Trump’s Mail-In Voting Fraud Claims Draw Republican Critics May 28, 2020
Yahoo! News Twitter-Trump clash intensifies political misinformation battle May 27, 2020
Background Briefing with Ian Masters The Role of ‘Fake News’ & Twitter Trolls in the Election and in the Future May 26, 2020
Los Angeles Times Democrats plot a counterattack on disinformation in hopes of taking back the White House May 26, 2020
Engineering & Technology Alternative news: from Russia with lies April 20, 2020
The Wall Street Journal Bill Gates Is Targeted by Social-Media Mobs April 17, 2020
KXAN Real or fake? Ways to avoid the spread of misinformation during election season February 26, 2020
KERA Think Computational Propaganda is Coming for Your Brain February 19, 2020
The Associated Press Video of Pelosi brings renewed attention to ‘cheapfakes’ February 10, 2020