Climate Change Articles


In collaboration with SciLine, an editorially independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit service for journalists and scientists, the Center for Media Engagement conducted a study beginning in September 2023. The aim of the study was to examine how journalists report on science. General assignment journalists from across the United States wrote about climate change in their local areas, focusing on the science behind it. Below are some of the articles written as part of this study.


Alex Veeneman Warmer temperatures, equal precipitation chances forecast for Illinois this winter
Amanda Castleman The Not-So-Emerald City? Seattle struggles to increase tree canopy cover to improve equity, health and climate-change resilience
Alexandra Frost Tornados and heat waves and rain storms — oh my! The impacts of climate change on Ohio, and the MidWest
Amber Gibson How Does Climate Change Affect Chicago’s Public Health?
Andrea McHugh Rhode Island Climate Change
Ann Peck  Short Winter Freeze Raises Alarm on Climate Change Impact on Local Lakes
Annie Tobey Climate Change at Shenandoah National Park
Barbara Field Major Study Funded: Climate Stressors on South Florida’s Coastal and Marine Life
Ben Ledbetter Severe weather events lead South Carolina to establish a state office of resiliency
Beth Harpaz Understanding Snowfall Trends and Climate Change: It’s Not What You Think
Candis McDow Georgia’s Climate Change and Impact
Cara Meredith With California’s New Hardiness Zones Comes Change
Carla Christian Washington Glaciers Are Losing Ground to Climate Change
Chrissy Suttles Climate change may fuel extreme weather in Pennsylvania
Colleen Kelly The Climate Crisis Will Alter Recreation in PA
Courtney Kocak California has made a lot of progress in earthquake preparedness in recent decades, but Brett Sanders isn’t sure Los Angeles is ready for “the Big One” when it comes to flooding.
Daniel Dorfman Unusually Warm, Dry Illinois February Could Lead to a Myriad of Issues, Illinois Climatologist Says 
Deborah Abrams Kaplan Why the New Jersey coasts are at risk from human-caused climate change
Debra Wallace Why Pennsylvania Residents Need to Care About Climate Change
Elisa Shoenberger Climate Change with Your Backyard Illinois Insects
Erin Heger Climate Change in Kansas: Rising temperatures mean larger wildfires, warmer nights and more flash flooding
Evan Lambert As coastal flooding increases, the people of Norfolk fight back
Fabiola Mejia Rising Climate Is Causing a Rise In Respiratory Problems In Massachusetts
Fiona Young-Brown Climate Change Places Kentucky Population Among Nation’s Most At-Risk 
Francesca Mathewes Flooding in Illinois is on the Rise –– Here’s Why
Geoff Williams Climate Change is Changing Ohio
Heide Brandes Climate Change’s ‘Butterfly Effect’ on Oklahoma Pollinators Gets Even More Dire
Jackie Fishman Chesapeake Bay Is at Risk From Climate-Induced Increased Runoff and Erosion
Jaime Stathis The Impact of Climate Change in New York 
Jamie Valentino Minnesotans rejoice in a mild winter, but it’s no cause for celebration
Jana Studelska Tapping Trees: Climate Change Brings Challenges to the Maple Trees
Jay Bouchard The Cost of Cars: Why Transportation is Holding Back Colorado’s Climate Goals
Jefferey Spivey Drought Forces Iowa Food Producers to Shift Crops and Techniques: Lower rainfall totals create a new reality for local farmer
Jenay Zhyrov Texas Cities Turn to Nature Solutions to Slow Climate Change
Jenna Glatzer Waves of Change: Long Island’s Battle to Save Its Coastline
Jennie Phipps Florida Flood Hub designed to predict state’s environmental hazards
Jennifer Billock How Global Warming Impacts Underground Climate Change in Chicago
Jennifer Chen How Recent Rain Storms Are Causing Major Problems for the Future of California
Jerrica Tisdale Climate Change In Illinois Is Massively Affecting Low-Income Communities
Jess Taylor Fire and Flood: Climate Change in California
Jessica Harlan Climate Change and Spooked Homeowners Are Leading to a Decrease in Atlanta’s Tree Canopy
Jill Dutton Kansas Farmers Adapt Crop Mix to Combat Climate Change
Jilleen Barrett Climate Change Comes in Waves: How Garbage Affects the Great South Bay
John Bogna How Houston Is Building for a Climate-Impacted Future
John Williams  Green, Brown and Gray: Climate change and bark beetle infestations in Colorado forests
Joni Sweet Get Ready for Wetter, Stormier Weather in New York
Jordan Coll New Jersey Turning Out into “Ground Zero” Brought by the Impact of Climate Change
Julia Skinner Climate change in North Georgia
Karen Asp Hoosiers face a changing climate with drier, hotter seasons
Kathleen Wong Hawaii Climate Change
Katie Navarra The Ripple of Effect of Climate Change
Katie Tastrom The Effects of Climate Change on Vulnerable New Yorkers
Kelli Finger Health Implications of Climate Change On Michigan’s Vulnerable Populations
Kelly Catlin Climate Change in NJ: Increased Temperatures Affecting the Garden State
Kishor Panthi Rat Boom and Leptospirosis Spike in NYC Linked to Climate Change
Kristi Eaton Oklahoma’s Changing Tornado Alley
Kristina Puga The world is experiencing a global coral bleaching event, and this is what that means for us
Kristine Hansen Climate Change is Making It Hard to Ski in Wisconsin
Lara Salahi Chances of Massachusetts Ever Seeing a ‘White Christmas’ Dwindling, Climate Experts Say
Lauren Rivera Effects of Climate Change in Puerto Rico
Lauren Wellbank Impacts of Climate Change In Pennsylvania 
LaVonne Roberts Rising Tides, Sinking Shores: Massachusetts’ Coastal Crisis
Leo Wolfson Future Of Climate Change Will Determine Fate Of Wyoming’s Flourishing Recreation Industry
Lia Miller Environmental Empathy: How “Feelings” May Turn the Tide on Climate Change
Liane Bonin Starr Southern California Had Lots of Rain This Year — But Is It Still in a Drought?
Lisa Waterman Gray Climate Impact on Toxic Blue-Green Algae in Kansas
Lynne Brandon North Carolina’s Coastal (Climate Change) Conundrum
Madeleine Aitken Cambridge health effects due to climate change include cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, heat-related illnesses
Maia Welbel Recent drought conditions render longstanding fire management strategies ineffective
Marcia Layton Turner No Region is Immune from Climate Change, Even So-Called Climate Havens 
Margaret Hetherman When Drivers Fail to Move Cars for NYC Street-Cleaning
Margie Zable Fisher Rising Sea Levels Threaten Florida’s Prosperity
Maria Catanzarite “It’s not going to get better” : UNM biologist on climate change, Arizona record heat
Martin Farmer Chicago & Climate Change
Matt Baron In Illinois, Climate Change Issues Mirror National Dilemma
Melissa Thomasma How Climate Turns Up the Volume on Idaho Wildfires
Michele Fair The Bird Population is Dwindling in “The Land of Enchantment”
Mira Lazine Expert Weighs in On How Climate Change Will Affect Ohio’s Wildlife
Natalie Grigson Climate Change is Making Mythical Creatures in Texas
Nicole Carter Texans Can Look To Brownsville For What To Expect With Climate Change
Olivia Gerling Research finds children more susceptible to effects of climate change
Patrick McGavin  Climate change study in Chicago
Paulette Perhach Climate Change in Central Florida
Priyal Shah Silent Surge: What rising sea levels do to USA’s East Coast
Rachel Murphy Leimkuehler Midwest Climate Change Introduces A New Hardiness Map and Challenges For Local Growers
Rachel Weingarten The Impact of Climate Change in New York State
Reema Saleh How can Chicagoans adapt to climate-change-induced flash flooding? Record-breaking storms may be a thing of the past. But Chicago’s local water systems are struggling to keep pace
Rita Mock-Pike The Impact of Illinois Climate Change and the Heat Index on Outdoor Athletes Over 40
Robin Raven Current Climate Change And Its Impact on the Gulf Coast of Alabama
Rosanne Ullmann Water’s Triple Threat Surges in Sarasota
Rudri Bhatt Patel The Science Behind Phoenix’s Weather and Solutions to Cope with Extreme Temperatures
Ruth E. Thaler-Carter Climate change affects St. Louis weather and plants — for better or worse?
Sandra Gurvis Cause for Alarm! Florida’s Climate Change
Sandra Strieby The Evolution of Washington’s Wildfire Regime: How climate change, fuel loads, and varied ecosystems contribute to landscape-level changes
Sarah Lindenfeld Hall Results may vary: Research considers NC’s riparian buffer rules
Sarah Robertson Farming Through Uncertainty
Sari Caine Climate Gentrification Threats in Tennessee
Saturn Johnson How Global Warming Is Changing the Landscape of New England
Scott Blair How Climate Change is Affecting Florida & What’s Being Done About It
Sharon McDonnell The Science Behind the Effects of Climate Change in California
Shen Wu Tan Warming Temps in Colorado Worsen Existing Issues Like Drought, Climatologist Says
Sheryl Stillman The Reasons Behind Worsening Storm Surges Across Southwest Florida: Rising Sea Levels and Water Temperatures are two main factors impacting the Gulf Coast
Steven Zalusky The plot thickens: a green alternative for stormwater management
Tawny Lara The Concrete Jungle: Where Dreams—or Climate Nightmares—Are Made Of
Tess Kazenoff Californians expected to experience worsening health impacts due to climate change, says expert.
Tracee Herbaugh Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink: when climate changes water at the kitchen tap
Victoria Holmes How the Climate Crisis Will Affect the Nation’s Capital