Zelly Martin

Zelly Martin is a graduate research assistant at the Center for Media Engagement and a doctoral candidate in the School of Journalism and Media at the University of Texas at Austin. She specializes in the study of mis/disinformation and conspiracy theories on emerging platforms, especially as they relate to political propaganda and reproductive rights. She has investigated political propaganda, disinformation, and democratic activism in countries including the United States, Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, India, Indonesia, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, the Philippines, Turkey, and Ukraine. Zelly’s work in these areas has appeared in academic journals including Big Data & Society, Information, Communication & Society, Political Research Quarterly, Journalism Studies, First Monday, and Feminist Media Studies, and in public-facing venues including Teen Vogue, Slate Future Tense, Rappler, Centre for International Governance Innovation, and Global Network on Extremist and Technology. Her dissertation focuses upon the production of digital propaganda, conspiracy, and disinformation by the post-Roe anti-abortion movement in the United States.