Research Scholars

The Media Ethics Initiative Research Scholars Program is an internship open to students in all UT colleges, schools, and departments. Earn 1, 2, or 3 credits (most often through CMS 178K/278K/378K) by participating in the internship program. Research Scholars will assist the Media Ethics Initiative in promoting reflection on issues in communication, journalism, advertising, and media ethics at the University of Texas at Austin (


What activities do Media Ethics Research Scholars take part in?

  • Scholars attend at least three exciting events, schedule permitting, discussing media ethics during the semester.
  • Scholars will work closely with the director of the Media Ethics Initiative, Dr. Scott Stroud, to research and write case studies on pressing topics in media ethics. Promising cases can be revised further beyond the demands of the course for public distribution through the Media Ethics Initiative and Center for Media Engagement websites. All case studies produced by Research Scholars and used beyond the demands of the course will carry the name of the intern who researched and wrote them.

What do Media Ethics Citizen Scholars get from this program?

  • Scholars earn the title of “Media Ethics Research Scholars” and will be recognized as such on the Media Ethics Initiative website and Center for Media Engagement website.
  • Scholars will learn more about the ethical dilemmas and media ethics in an media industry or area of interest.
  • Scholars will produce high-quality case studies bearing their name. Promising cases will be used beyond the course in ethics education at UT and across the nation.
  • Scholars will gain experience in helping plan and publicize exciting Media Ethics Initiative events.

Applications for the Media Ethics Research Scholars Program can be submitted now. Start your internship application now by contacting Dr. Scott Stroud, Director of the Media Ethics Initiative!

The current Media Ethics Research Scholars are listed here.