Solidarity Reporting on Afghanistan: Resisting Dehumanizing Portrayals

How can journalists better represent the voices and experiences of Afghan people at this time? Who should we think of as experts on Afghanistan? What does solidarity reporting on Afghanistan look like? Join Azeta Hatef (Emerson College, journalism studies) and Anita Varma (UT Austin, Solidarity Journalism Initiative) for a discussion of key issues in reporting […]


“Is that really journalism?” Journalism & Advocacy

What's the connection between journalism & advocacy? Why do some news organizations consider advocacy problematic? Who decides what advocacy means? Join us for a panel discussion featuring folks who work in journalism & have experience with responding to the question "is that really journalism?"

Digital Data Conference (D2C)

The Center for Media Engagement and The Media and Democracy Data Cooperative invite you the virtual Digital Data Conference (D2C) on April 14 and 15, 2022. D2C brings together researchers collecting and analyzing digital media data to discuss the practice and ethics of digital data research. Day 1 of the conference features a Keynote on […]


How the Internet Improves Humanity

This talk will highlight one underappreciated aspect: how the Internet has the capacity to improve the human species by increasing pro-social interactions and reducing anti-social ones.


A Growing Threat: The Impact of Disinformation Targeted At Communities of Color

Communities of color are being targeted by electoral propaganda. How should policymakers respond? Dr. Samuel Woolley, program director of the Center for Media Engagement propaganda lab, will provide expert testimony on this topic in front of the U.S. House of Representatives. Watch the hearing live on Thursday, April 28 at 9:00 a.m. CST:

Putting Voters First: Solidarity Reporting for Democracy

At a time when many politicians are mudslinging and prominent analysts are trying to predict the horse race, what does it mean for journalists to put voters first? How can journalism not only avoid becoming a vehicle for misinformation, but also serve as an affirming space for democratic values? Join us for a workshop on […]