Public Agenda Adopts "Respect" Button

screen shot 2014-04-30 at 10.52.06 amThe nonprofit, nonpartisan organization Public Agenda has begun using a version of the “Respect” button, developed by the Center for Media Engagement.
On Public Agenda’s blog, if you highlight text anywhere in a post, or see the ReadrBoard symbol, a box appears. In that box, readers can choose from a few reactions, including “Respect,” see the reactions of others, or add their own reactions. On the Public Agenda blog, Director of Communications Allison Rizzolo wrote, “We hope this new approach encourages you to engage more with our content – and with each other.”
CME researchers found that respondents seeing the “Respect” button clicked on more comments from another political perspective in comparison to a “Like” button.
Click here to read more about Public Agenda’s use of the “Respect” button. To learn more about CME’s research and to view the full report on social media buttons, visit