CME Featured by Several Publications

During the past month, the Center for Media Engagement has been featured by a number of media outlets.

CME was first featured in Quill, a magazine distributed by the Society of Professional Journalists. CME Communication Associate Katie Steiner wrote the magazine’s regular “Digital Media Toolbox” column on the project’s research on quizzes. For more information, read the piece here.

The project was also mentioned in an episode of Stanford University’s Raw Data podcast. The episode, titled “All the News That’s Fit to Feed,” covered the pathway of information flow and how people get their news. CME Director Dr. Talia Stroud shared her research on how people are more likely to seek out news that matches their political beliefs. Listen to the podcast here.

Dr. Stroud recently published the latest edition of her Research Review column for the American Press Institute. For her latest column, she reviewed Arizona State University Associate Professor Monica Chadha’s research on hyperlocal news outlets. Dr. Stroud shared practices, based on the research, that could be used by mainstream news organizations. Read Dr. Stroud’s column here.

Finally, was mentioned in an article by MediaShift on audience awareness and comprehension. The article covered a question that was posed at previous CME workshops about how to measure if audiences are understanding what they’re reading in the news. Read the full article here.