CME Celebrates News Engagement Day

On Oct. 6, the Center for Media Engagement took part in the second News Engagement Day, a day devoted to raising awareness about the importance of news engagement.

News Engagement Day was created by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC) in an effort to make engaging with news a national priority for young people. On Oct. 6, AEJMC encouraged everyone to read, watch, post, text, listen to, or comment on news.

CME celebrated the day by asking UT-Austin students their thoughts on news engagement, and sharing their responses on Twitter. All of our tweets from the day can be seen on Storify.

CME also wrote a Medium post on the work we’re doing to help news organizations improve engagement. Click here to read the post.

To learn more about News Engagement Day and to see how others celebrated the day, visit