Digital News Innovators Gather for Workshop

group photo
Digital news leaders from across the country came to Austin, Texas for the Engaging News Workshop.

Ten digital news innovators recently came together to visit about current practices and future possibilities at a workshop hosted by the Center for Media Engagement. A report summarizing the workshop was released in April.

The group, representing major television, newspaper, radio, and online-only newsrooms, discussed a wide range of topics including how they define success and connect with their audiences.

“For us as researchers, this was an amazing opportunity to hear firsthand what these digital news innovators are seeing in their newsrooms,” said Dr. Natalie Stroud, director of the Center for Media Engagement. “For the participants, it gave them the chance to share what has and hasn’t worked at their organizations, as well as to brainstorm ways to improve online news.”

Workshop participants included:

Sara Carothers, The Washington Post

Mike Dyer, The Daily Beast

Mark Francescutti, The Dallas Morning News

Rodney Gibbs, The Texas Tribune

Jonathan Keegan, The Wall Street Journal

Sasha Koren, The New York Times

Donna Krache, CNN

Charles Mahtesian, NPR

Tom Negrete, The Sacramento Bee

Keira Nothaft, The Arizona Republic


Click here to download the full report.